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Minister Chen Wen Attends the Seventh Tou Ying Tracker Award-giving Ceremony

On February 27, Minister Chen Wen attended and addressed the award-giving ceremony of the seventh Tou Ying Tracker. Over 50 people were present, including representatives from China Daily Europe and Grant Thornton, the organizers of the event, as well as award-winning Chinese companies.

On behalf of Ambassador Liu Xiaoming, Minister Chen extended her warmest congratulations to the companies listed on the Tou Ying Tracker, stressing that Chinese companies in the UK are the "stabilizer", "booster" and "speaker" of China-UK relations, making important contribution to advancing China-UK "Golden Era". Trust, openness, and win-win cooperation have provided continued vitality to China-UK economic and trade cooperation. She expressed the hope that the UK could create a fair, transparent and non-discriminatory business environment for Chinese companies in the UK and favorable conditions for deepening cooperation between the two sides.

Chen noted that over the past seven years since its establishment, Tou Ying Tracker has witnessed an increasing number of Chinese companies coming to the UK. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, and it is also the 65th anniversary of the establishment of China-UK diplomatic relationship at the level of chargé d'affaire. She hoped that Chinese companies in the UK would seize the opportunities, and work together to inject more vitality into China-UK "Golden Era".

Yu Yilei, Editor-in-Chief of China Daily Europe said in his speech that Tou Ying Tracker is both the list of honor and confidence index. The success stories of the award-winning companies would help increase people's confidence in the economic prospects of China and the UK.

Simon Bevan, Head of the China Britain Services Group at Grant Thornton said that the big story of the Tracker this year is the strong performance by industrial and manufacturing businesses, manifesting the vitality of the real economy of the two countries.

Fiona MacLeod, General Manager at Billions Europe, a representative of the winning companies said that "Eastern and Western business cultures have many differences. But the key to global success is local people." She hoped that Chinese companies in the UK would take their localized operation to a new level.

(Photo by China Daily Europe)

During the event, the participants spoke highly of the achievements in China-UK economic and trade cooperation. They hoped that Chinese companies in the UK would continue to develop and contribute more pragmatic results to China-UK "Golden Era". Minister Chen and the organizers presented awards to a number of award-winning companies.

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A collaboration between China Daily and Grant Thornton since 2013, the Tou Ying Tracker identifies and awards the fastest-growing Chinese companies in the UK. Based on the published accounts filed at Companies House by September 30, 2018, 750 Chinese-funded companies are selected and analyzed, of which 30 companies, including Huawei, China RE, Cosco Shipping, Alipay, and China Mobile are listed on the Tracker. These companies, with a combined annual turnover of 43 billion pounds and year-on-year revenue growth of 66%, have created more than 3,500 jobs in the UK.

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