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Chinese Embassy Refutes Accusations against China of Sponsoring Cyber Attacks

The following is a letter from Mr. He Rulong, Spokesman of the Chinese Embassy in London to the Financial Times' Letters' Editor, which was carried in the print and online editions of the FT on 1st April under the title "China opposes and combats cyber attacks".

Sir, the report “Services join forces to fight cyber crime” (March 27) by defence and diplomatic editor James Blitz accuses the Chinese government of sponsoring cyber attacks on the UK. We are genuinely disappointed and seriously concerned about the article as the accusations in it do not square with facts by any measure.

Cyber attack is a global scourge. In fact as a late starter, China’s internet is highly vulnerable and among the most victimised by cyber attacks. The latest figures show that in the past two months, 6,747 overseas servers were found to have controlled more than 1.9 million mainframes in China with Trojans or botnets.

The Chinese government firmly opposes and combats cyber attacks in accordance with the law. We have persistently called for establishing a peaceful, secure, open and cooperative cyberspace in the common interests of the international community.

To our regret, some people not only turn a blind eye to China’s efforts, but also discredit China willfully. Recently, some British media had claimed that the cyber attacks on South Korea were sponsored by the Chinese Government. However the South Korean report clarified later that these malicious codes did not originate from China, but from the United States and three European countries.

Those groundless accusations against China are presumptions of guilt and will hinder international efforts to safeguard cyber security. The media and writers concerned should learn a lesson and stop slandering China.

He Rulong,

Spokesman, Chinese Embassy in London

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