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· The CBBC China Business Conference 2013(2013-03-16)
· Zha Peixin Leads Delegation to the UK to Brief on the 18th CPC National Congress(2012-12-15)
· "The Chinese Silk Culture and Embroidery Art Exhibition" Held in London(2012-12-13)
· Symposium on Improving National Quality Education and Presentation Ceremony of the Book Education for 1.3 Billion Held in London(2012-11-16)
· "CHENGWEI Europe Forum 2012" Held in London(2012-11-09)
· A China-UK Business Luncheon Held in London(2012-11-08)
· The Seminar on Opening up and Globalization & Book Presentation Ceremony of Breaking Through Successfully Held(2012-11-07)
· "Always Remember Them – Concert on the Works of Famous Song and Lyric Writers of Modern and Contemporary China" held in London(2012-11-07)
· Book Launch for Works of Art By Li Lanqing: Chinese Seals and Calligraphy Successfully Held(2012-11-02)
· Together, China and Europe will be stronger(2012-10-31)
· Chinese Embassy Hosts the Reception Marking the 63rd Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China(2012-09-29)
· Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun Meets with Former British Business Secretary Mandelson(2012-09-13)
· Head of Chinese Paralympic Sports Delegation Wang Xinxian Meets with FCO Minister of State Jeremy Browne(2012-09-04)
· Chinese Paralympic Delegation Holds Flag-Raising Ceremony in London(2012-08-25)
· Speech by Mr. Liu Peng, President of Chinese Olympic Committee and Minister of the General Administration of Sport of China, at the Victory Party for the Chinese Sports Delegation(2012-08-10)
· The Chinese Embassy Hosts a Victory Party for the Chinese Sports Delegation(2012-08-10)
· "Discover Jiangsu" Culture Week Held in London(2012-08-07)
· Dai Bingguo Congratulated Chinese Athlete Yi Siling, the First Gold Medalist of the London Olympic Games(2012-07-29)
· The China Arts Exhibition London 2012 Launched at Royal Academy of Arts(2012-07-29)
· Dai Bingguo Watches the Olympic Shooting Competitions and Meets with IOC President Jacques Rogge(2012-07-29)
· Dai Bingguo Meets with British Foreign Secretary William Hague(2012-07-28)
· Speech by Representative of the Chinese Government and State Councilor Dai Bingguo when Visiting the Chinese Delegation to the London Olympics(2012-07-27)
· Dai Bingguo Visits the Chinese Delegation to London Olympic Games(2012-07-27)
· Dai Bingguo Visits the Chinese Journalists Reporting London Olympics(2012-07-27)
· The British Side Expects Closer China-UK Military Relations(2012-07-26)
· Representative of the Chinese Government and State Councilor Dai Bingguo to Attend the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympic Games(2012-07-26)
· Vice Foreign Minister Zhai Jun Meets with Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair(2012-06-14)
· Vice Foreign Minister Song Tao Meets with Douglas Alexander MP, British Labour's Shadow Foreign Secretary(2012-06-14)
· Song Zuying Fascinated the Audience at the "East Meets West-Three Stars in Collaboration" Concert in London(2012-06-10)
· China Southern Airlines Holds Guangzhou – London Flight Inaugural Ceremony in London(2012-06-09)
· Three Stars in Collaboration at the Royal Albert Hall: East Meets West(2012-06-08)
· President of Chinese Academy of Sciences Bai Chunli Visits Britain(2012-06-08)
· A Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition of Works by Zhou Yibo is Held in London(2012-06-02)
· Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on Current China-UK Relations(2012-05-19)
· Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Expresses Position on the Meeting between British Leaders and the Dalai Lama(2012-05-16)
· Vice Foreign Minister Song Tao Making Representations with the UK Ambassador to China over Meeting between British Leaders and the Dalai Lama(2012-05-15)
· Vice Premier Wang Qishan Has a Phone Conversation with British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborn(2012-04-20)
· Senior CPC official meets British PM on ties(2012-04-18)
· Enhance Mutual Trust and Expand Win-Win Cooperation(2012-04-17)
· Senior CPC official meets with chairman of British 48 Group Club(2012-04-17)
· Senior CPC official attends opening ceremony at London Book Fair(2012-04-16)
· Senior CPC official leaves Beijing for 4-nation tour(2012-04-15)
· First Confucius Institute in N. Ireland opens its doors(2012-04-14)
· Chinese state councilor meets N. Ireland leaders to boost cultural, educational cooperation(2012-04-13)
· Senior CPC official to visit Britain, Canada, Colombia, Indonesia(2012-04-12)
· Liu Yandong Visits the UK, EU Headquarters, Belgium and Cyprus(2012-04-12)
· Li Changchun to Start Four-nation Visit Including the UK(2012-04-12)
· Chinese state councilor leaves for Europe visit(2012-04-12)
· China-UK and China-EU People-to-People Dialogues to Be Launched(2012-04-11)
· State Councillor Liu Yandong to Visit the UK, the EU Headquarters, Belgium and Cyprus(2012-04-11)
The CBBC China Business Conference 2013


On March 14th, China-Britain Business Council held the “China Business Conference 2013” in the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre. More than 300 representatives from the political, business and academic circles of China and UK attended the meeting.

Ambassador Liu Xiaoming sent a video message to the conference. He said, “The messages sent out from the 18th CPC Congress and the current NPC and CPPCC sessions clearly show that China has identified its future direction. These messages include the following elements: shift the economic growth model to boost productivity; speed up urbanisation to generate new demands of investment and consumption; raise incomes and improve social welfare so that people can spend more; strengthen education and training to create a new ‘demographic dividend’; deepen the ‘reform and opening up’ as policy guarantee to further unleash the potential of the economy. With the above-mentioned driving forces in place, the Chinese economy will continue to grow steadily for another three decades. In turn China will be able to overcome the middle income trap and achieve the two major goals laid down at the 18th Party Congress: one is to build China into a well-off society by 2020, and the other is to build China into a modernised country that is rich, strong, beautiful, democratic, culturally advanced and harmonious by the middle of this century.

Ambassador Liu stressed that he believed sustained economic growth of China was really excellent news for British companies: “you will see a larger export market and a more rewarding investment destination. Your technologies and IPRs will be better protected and generate more returns. You will see more tourists from China, and they will create more jobs and business opportunities for British tourist and retailing sectors. You will see more Chinese state-owned and private enterprises make investments, open branches and set up regional headquarters in Britain. You will see expanding off-shore RMB business in Britain.” He then called on Chinese and British business communities to seize these opportunities and work together for win-win.

British Prime Minister David Cameron also sent a video message to the conference. He said that strengthening UK-China trade and business ties would offer a tremendous opportunity for the two countries. China plays a very important role in the prosperity of the UK, because there is a great demand for our quality products from China with rapid economic growth and a growing middle class. The British Government will try its best to deepen economic and trade cooperation with China by taking a series of effective measures. British Prime Minister Cameron said that the British government is committed to further promote Sino-British relations, and welcomes Chinese investment with open arms, and will give British companies strong support for their cooperative projects with China.

Other people including Mr. Ken Clarke, British Minister without Portfolio, and Mr. Hugo Swire, British Minister of State at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, addressed the conference and said that there are good opportunities and great potential for China-UK economic and trade cooperation. Through consultations, the two governments have reached a favorable agreement on the relaxation of controls over foreign market entry and a stronger protection of the IPRs, etc. To strengthen China-UK economic and trade cooperation benefits us all. The British government will spare no effort to promote further development of our bilateral economic and trade relations.

“China Business Conference” is an annual business forum held alternately in China and Britain by the China-Britain Business Council. The theme for this year’s conference is “China’s Urbanization, Consumers and the Enterprise Internationalization.”

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