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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's remarks on BRI-related comments by some people from the British side and British PM's China visit

Q: According to reports, yesterday, some people from the British side said that the Belt and Road Initiative, if well implemented, could contribute to global growth, and it is vital that the Belt and Road initiative meets international standards. What is your response?

A: The Belt and Road Initiative, as a platform for international cooperation, functions in a mutually beneficial, open, inclusive and transparent way. When we advance the Belt and Road Initiative, we follow the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, and comply with the law of the market and relevant rules, because we want the Belt and Road Initiative to produce high-quality and sustainable results. Just think about it. If the Belt and Road Initiative did not deliver on what we have just talked about, then how could this initiative achieve so much progress with flying colors.

You all remember that last May, China successfully held the first Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing, which was attended by the senior representatives from more than 140 countries and heads of over 80 international organizations. That forum led to more than 270 outcomes as well as the international consensus on jointly advancing the Belt and Road Initiative. It has not been long since China put forward the Belt and Road Initiative, but this initiative has already been echoed and endorsed by more than 100 countries worldwide. Now it has become the largest and most welcomed platform for international cooperation in the world. These facts and numbers do mean something.

It is fair to say that the Belt and Road Initiative corresponds with the trend of the times, conforms to the law of development, and serves the interests of all, and its future boasts vast potential and bright prospects. Going forward, we will continue with our efforts to further advance the Belt and Road Initiative along with other parties so as to create more opportunities for and make greater contributions to the development of all countries and the global economic growth.

Q: British Prime Minister Theresa May kicks off her visit to China today and she will hold talks with Premier Li Keqiang. What are China's expectations for the talks? When will President Xi Jinping meet with Prime Minister Theresa May?

A: I have already talked about the relevant arrangements and China's expectations for the visit.

With regard to Prime Minister Theresa May's schedule, you are correct in saying that she will hold talks with Premier Li Keqiang. In fact, this afternoon, Premier Li Keqiang will hold a welcoming ceremony for Prime Minister Theresa May and then hold talks with her, followed by a joint meeting with the press conference. After that, they will together meet the representatives of the China-UK Entrepreneurs Committee. During Prime Minister Theresa May's stay in China, President Xi Jinping will meet with her, and so will Chairman Zhang Dejiang of the NPC Standing Committee.

As for China's expectations for this visit, we have said before that the Chinese side attaches great importance to China-UK relations as well as to Prime Minister Theresa May's visit this time. As the UK is committed to advancing the "Golden Era" for China-UK relations, we hope that through Prime Minister Theresa May's visit and an in-depth exchange of views, China and the UK could further enhance mutual trust, expand pragmatic cooperation in various areas, strengthen communication and coordination on major international and regional issues and promote the steady development of the "Golden Era" for China-UK relations in the new era.

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